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Brand new DisneylandParisMagic.com [May. 5th, 2009|01:18 am]
Disneyland Paris Magic

Just to let everyone know that DisneylandParisMagic.com is back up and running, and is better than ever!

It has a brand new layout and much more content including information on the Disney hotels, new Park maps, tips for your trips, event and character timetables, lyrics, wallpapers, a brand new fan section and an area where you can listen to MP3s of park music (songs are for listening only and not downloadable (as I don't want to be sued) and will change periodically)
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Mickey's Magical Party [Apr. 4th, 2009|09:08 pm]
Disneyland Paris Magic


As the community is pretty dead lately, I thought I'd try and start a little discussion: what do you think of the new celebration at Disneyland Resort Paris? Are you planning on going at all?

Also a little notice: This community's main website, disneylandparismagic.com is currently undergoing a refurbishment. I may have to close it at some point, but I hope to avoid that, but very soon it will have a sparkly new layout and lots of brand new content added! I'll announce here when its all finished.
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21 Jack and Sally icons [Nov. 12th, 2008|07:18 pm]
Disneyland Paris Magic


21 icons of the Jack and Sally face characters at Disneyland Resort Paris.


Jack Jack and Sally Sally
Actual icons are not watermarked


* Credit
* No hotlinking
* Please comment if you take any

Icons are here at my graphics journal tenandsixpence
Post will be members locked after 24 hours
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Christmas 2004 video [Aug. 22nd, 2008|05:00 pm]
Disneyland Paris Magic

Had you seen the Enchanted Fairytale Ceremony? (2004-2006) Here's one of my videos of it - the waltz part (here mainly focused on Prince Philip and Aurora because Philip was Gianluigi Surra, one of my favourite dancers ^^).

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Website is finally up and running! [Jul. 22nd, 2008|05:11 pm]
Disneyland Paris Magic

[Current Mood |accomplishedaccomplished]


After much blood, sweat, tears, support tickets and crying to my friend Jo for help, it's finally up and running and officially open! ^_^

Theres not a whole lot on it yet, my main priority was getting the website up. More and more content will be added though!  
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Welcome [Jul. 17th, 2008|08:40 pm]
Disneyland Paris Magic

[Current Mood |happyhappy]

This community is going to be part of a new website dedicated to DLRP, which will be opening shortly.

Anyone is free to join, the more the merrier! Membership is moderated though as I do not want sock puppet accounts or community "collectors". As long as you are an active LJ user (and that doesn't mean you have to post in your journal every single day, as long as I can see that your account is still active it's fine), you have a good amount of comments (as I want members to be as active as possible!), and you give credit for your graphics then you will be allowed. Running it this way just keeps everything clean and organised, and it allows members to make Members Only posts without worrying about who just might be seeing it.

Feel free to post anything you like in this community (as long as it's related to Disneyland Paris of course!). Post graphics, photos, trip reports, ask questions, even if you just want to start an on topic chat, it's all welcome.
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